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Mindfulness..........Be Here Now

When we allow ourselves to be fully aware and present in this moment we are connecting with the truth of our lives. Freed up from the unconscious habit of the mind to dwell in the past or the future, we allow ourselves to be here fully, in our Being, our Bodies, our Senses. It is a natural and simple practice, as the unchanging awareness is always available to us as a constant presence. We just need to remember this and focus our gentle and non- judging attention this way. This remembering and tuning in allows us to access the great calm and well-being that is at he root of our natural selves and is available to all. With regular Mindfulness practice we start to experience our lives fully as we are living it, moment to moment. We are released from being distracted by the mind, and by over identifying with unruly thought processes, which often drag our attention to other times and places. Thoughts start to be seen just for what they are, only mental constructs moving through the mind, like clouds in the sky, and not the truths that we often take them to be. 

Mindfulness practice has become increasingly popular in recent times and has been, and continues to be researched well and is now scientifically proven to have many positive psychological benefits. Although it is originally taken from ancient spiritual meditation techniques, it is now offered widely in a variety of settings, including schools, hospitals and prisons, and is most often taught free of any religious connection. Anyone of any age, and from any background who is willing to take an active role in their own well-being will benefit from a regular Mindfulness practice.

Mindfulness can be taught one to one or in a group setting. On the 8 week course you will be introduced to a variety of meditation techniques which are then practiced and discussed. Home practice is required for any real change to happen, and is especially important while developing Mindfulness as a new habit. You will be supported in this by recommended apps, cd's and books.

Mindfulness 8 week programme 1 hr per week £55per session or £400 for the course

Mindfulness workshops also available for groups and businesses.

"Yesterday is a memory, tomorrow is the unknown...NOW is the knowing" Ajahn Sumedho

Mindfulness Courses. Sun big or

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