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Mindfulness based Psychotherapy

Mindfulness based Psychotherapy

Therapy based in Mindfulness offers us a focus and a way, to learn to inhabit the space within ourselves not caught up with our psychological and emotional problems or patterns. It allows us to discover a spacious resource within ourselves which is accessible through our present moment experience. This offers us the opportunity to respond to our issues from a place of clarity, rather than unconsciously reacting or attaching to problems, which unknowingly adds suffering to the situation or experience. Being guided to bring mindful awareness to our issues helps us to learn to accept the way things are, and to see how are where it is possible to make the changes we need in order to heal, let go and change.

The therapy is offered in courses of 6 or 12 sessions though this is flexible according to individual needs. The sessions will begin with a short guided mindfulness meditation after which the client is free to express whatever feels most important for them to discuss. This will then be responded to from the perspective of mindful awareness. The therapist will offer mindfulness based understanding, exercises, quotes and direction, while also incorporating the connection, warmth and empathy of the traditional counselling relationship.

Through the process the client will learn how to inhabit this mindful space within themselves, and start to relate to their problems and understand their patterns and habits from this place of greater awareness. They grow in understanding and clarity around patterns of emotion and thought, and learn how to not fall into identifying with them, but rather to stay centred in the seeing and knowing of these.
Over the process the client starts to see how as the mindful awareness grows within, their experience of the intensity of the problem decreases. This grounding in mindful awareness gained through Mindfulness based therapy is a foundation which with continued practice and understanding is a great resource to be relied upon, and used as a refuge throughout one’s life.

Sessions are usually scheduled weekly, I offer a free half hour introductory meeting session. The fee for subsequent sessions is £55 per 50 minute session. I do hold a few reduced fee places for students and those on low incomes, please ask if available if needed.

Mindfulness based Psychotherapy. Sun big or

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